• Farmers Cooperative is now recieving corn and soybeans for free price later.  New deliveries will be accepted through Friday, August 24th.  See attached document for complete details:   Free Price Later Announcment.docx
  • Need transportation help?  Call to discuss availability and rates to haul grain and feed to/from the market. 
  • Farmers Cooperative is now offering Direct Ship grain contracting to end-user's located throughout the region.  Marketing grain in today's price environment can be quite the challange between competitiveness and volatility.  Many times, these end users offer limited contracting methods, such as cash only.  By utilizing Farmers Cooperative's direct ship program, you gain the ability to utilize any of our marketing tools and still recieve top price for your grain.  Not only that, but all paperwork and settlements are done with your local coop guarenteeing acuracy and smooth logistics.  Benefit from Farmers Cooperative's skilled marketing abilities and contacts while supporting YOUR local Cooperative.
  • For additoinal information on any of our grain programs, market insight, transportation/logistics, or anything grain related, contact Trevor Edwards.       Office: 402-396-3414   Cell: 605-661-7689